2022 Election Endorsements Can Help You Choose a City Council Candidate - Elect Trish Nash

2022 Election Endorsements Can Help You Choose a City Council Candidate


As a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I recognize the value of 2022 election endorsements. I am honored by the support given from local leaders and valued citizens of Henderson, NV. Learn more about what a 2022 election endorsement means and the overwhelming support the Trish Nash campaign has received.

What is an Endorsement, and Why Does it Matter?

Giving a candidate public support or approval is also known as an endorsement. Considering a candidate’s endorsers can help you get ready to vote. The opinions of local organizations and community members are significant indicators of a candidate’s ability to lead.

I am incredibly grateful to have support from so many people. Here are a few endorsements I have had the privilege to receive: 

Henderson Chamber of Commerce
NRC logo
Southern Nevada Central Labor Council Logo
Vegas Chamber
Impact logo

Endorsements from Community Organizations

The Southern Nevada Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, represents the interests of working people and advocates for social and economic justice.  

BORPAC is a non-partisan Political Action Committee that represents REALTORSĀ® in Las Vegas and values private property rights, homeownership, a healthy business climate, and making a difference in the community.

Henderson Chamber of Commerce fosters a place for economic growth and opportunities. The organization understands business advocacy’s substantial impact on Henderson’s development and economics.

IMPAC is a bipartisan Henderson Chamber of Commerce committee that thoroughly researches, interviews, and endorses candidates whose platforms promote business development and growth.

The Nevada Republican Club brings community members together to educate them on current events, issues, and policies supporting conservative tenants. 


Endorsements from Community Leaders, Including:

Robert Groesbeck served as mayor of the City of Henderson from 1993 to 1997. He was also named one of the top forty Southern Nevada business executives under forty by the Las Vegas Business Press because of his many years as a law practitioner. 

Trish Nash and Michelle Romero

Michelle Romero was elected to the Henderson City Council in April 2019, representing Ward I, before recently becoming Mayor-Elect for Henderson. I am truly grateful to have received her support.

Senator Carrie A. Buck is the District 5 Senator for Nevada. A few of her past contributions include working with the Nevada Association of Women Business Owners and serving with multiple schools and boards dedicated to education and fostering young leaders.

Bruce Lund Woodbury made a lasting impression serving our community on the Clark County Commission. Thank you for your years of service to Clark County.
Bart Patterson served as president of Nevada State College for nearly ten years. He has always shown great dedication to education and support for Henderson and Las Vegas.


Tim Brooks, also known as the Wolf of Water Street, is the co-owner of Emerald Island Casino & Rainbow Club Casino. He has served our community for many years as a thriving business owner and past chairman of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. 

I invite you to explore the many other community members who have given their endorsements. Receiving their support means the world to me. If you wish to make an impact this election, visit Vote4TrishNash.com.

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