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5 Things I Learned From Henderson’s Citizen Police Academy

Trish Nash with Police Academy

This year, I began the Henderson Police Citizens Academy. As a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I take our safety seriously and believe that police support is community support. By fostering a greater understanding between the community and the police, we can all benefit and look out for each other. There are five things I learned from Henderson’s Citizen Police Academy that I will never forget.

1. Road Safety

Road safety is more complex and involved than what we perceive at the surface level. Communication is imperative to the team, and for motorcycle units, there is a Motorcycle Traffic Unit Radar Training which is incredibly intense. Additionally, the entire Henderson, NV, police department goes through extensive training before going out into traffic.

2. Keeping the Community Safe

One of the more interesting things I learned is about police radio protocol. Radio discipline is strict and effective so the men and women on duty can safely and effectively communicate. Without the protocol, members of the HPD, or Henderson Police Department, would have difficulty prioritizing, hearing, and understanding one another.

Criminalistics also plays a significant role in Henderson policing. I learned how criminalistics differs from criminology and criminal justice as a whole. HPD works to stay up to date on all objective forensic and evidence analysis techniques and practices. Our police strive to be the best and have the most up-to-date knowledge to keep us safe.

3. Weapon and K-9 Demonstration

I learned how important it is to be familiar with weaponry to stay safe properly. At the academy, police officers demonstrated firearm safety and showed the class common street weapons. There was a live taser demonstration, too – a very memorable moment of the class! 

Every police department has specialized units, and one of the most important in the Henderson Police Department is the K-9 Unit. Some active-duty dogs of the HPD search for suspects and evidence; others become narcotic dogs to sniff out drugs hidden in buildings and cars.

4. Community Policing

I have long believed that the city is safest when the community and the police have a cooperative relationship. Community policing educates locals to know how to problem-solve a criminal activity safely in the moment instead of reacting after the crime has been committed. This fosters trust, safety, and communication between police and Henderson residents.

(Photo from the City Of Henderson Police Website)

5. Establishing a Connection

Upon graduating from this program, my depth of knowledge has grown tremendously. Our community must stay connected with the Henderson Police Department. Communication, understanding, and involvement establish a bond and relationship between us and the men and women who serve our community.

Participating in the Academy

If you’re interested in understanding the role the Henderson, NV police department plays in our community, you can sign up for Henderson’s Citizen Police Academy. If you wish to join the men and women of the Henderson Police department, you can look at the applications here

After graduating from the Henderson Citizens Police Academy, I now encourage anyone who wishes to know more about the HPD to get involved. I take the safety of our community seriously and believe in strong relationships between Henderson and its police department. To learn more about my Henderson City Council Ward 3 candidacy, visit Vote4TrishNash.com.

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