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A Henderson Local’s Guide to Supporting Your School

Educators and students in Henderson, NV

Educators and students in Henderson, NV, have endured many hard times over the past few years. They made heroic efforts to deal with the pandemic in ways no one was prepared to face. The switch from online learning to going back to school was a considerable struggle and recent events have teachers understandably alarmed. Learn how to support your school and the teachers working hard to educate our children. 

Ways to Support Our Schools

We must begin educating each other about current events in the school district. There are many great ways to get involved with your school. A few important things include:

● Attending school board meetings

● Volunteering

● Showing you care

● Supporting local libraries

Attend School Board Meetings

School board meetings are your chance to get firsthand knowledge of what’s happening in our schools and to have your voice heard. Other parents and staff can come together to better the students’ environment.

volunteering at Henderson NV  schools


Consider volunteering at your local school. Many schools have built-in programs of which parents can take advantage. Some of these programs include roles like being a student reading buddy, helping out during lunch hours, and helping to coordinate field trips. Consider becoming a PTA or PTO member if you want continued involvement with the school.

Show You Care

Sometimes the smallest gestures make a world of difference. Talk to a teacher and get advice on how your role in your student’s education can help them. Knowing your children’s teachers will also help you understand their strategies to help your kids learn. Encourage other families to get to know their school staff as well. Showing support matters and will establish great connections between a child’s education life and home life.

Libraries in Henderson NV

Support Local Libraries

Public libraries also make a big difference for students who don’t have reliable resources at home. Libraries offer technology, learning aids, and opportunities for the public. Get involved with your local library by volunteering with any existing programs they may have with your school. Teach your kids about the value of the library and how it can help them with their education. If you see an opportunity to help connect other students with a public library, consider bringing it up at the next Board Meeting.

What Students and Teachers Can Do

With current threat of violence in schools, the best thing teachers and students do is help keep everyone safe. Keep your eyes open, and if you have a safety concern, know where to go to report an issue. The Clark County School District Police Department has a tip line that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week: (702) 799-0228. You can anonymously report any safety concerns you might have by calling the tip line or installing the SafeVoice app.

More Clark County Safety Procedures Here.

Learn How to Talk About Education

We all benefit when we learn about our community and what happens to our teachers and kids. We need to improve security in our Henderson, NV, schools, and we must be mindful and keep an eye out within our neighborhoods for threats to teachers and students. 

I care deeply about the security of our schools and our community. We must be proactive to make sure we all stay safe. Visit Vote4TrishNash to learn more about how we can support our Henderson communities.

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