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Early Voting

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It’s nearly primary election time, and as a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I wish to give our community every opportunity to make …

Senior Citizen Services Post COVID

Giving Veterans a Strong Voice in Henderson

I feel it is our responsibility to support our community’s veterans. Women and men who wear the uniform deserve every opportunity to enjoy their lives …

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Water Street Redevelopment

Water Street Redevelopment Works!

With the redevelopment of Water Street, Henderson has seen fantastic success and the growth of businesses. The effort took a lot of hard work and …

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Rent and Housing Costs

Trish Nash Speaks on Rising Rent and Housing Costs

Are housing prices going up in Las Vegas? Yes, and with it comes the need to stay informed and armed with tools to get through …

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Henderson First Responders

Henderson Stays Safe When We Stand Firm With Our Police

Is Henderson, NV, safe? The answer is yes. Our home is a very safe place to live, work, and visit because of the excellent work …

Henderson Parks and Trails

So Much to Choose From: Henderson Parks and Trails

Discover a world of natural wonder at any beautiful Henderson, Nevada park. Enjoy hiking trails where you can walk beneath shaded tree groves or find …