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Vote For Your Rights – Vote 4 Trish Nash

I love my city and have been deeply involved in our community since I first set foot in Nevada. I’m asking for the opportunity to …

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Vote 4 Trish Nash Supports Small Business

As a small business owner, I know how special our city is, and I’m asking for the opportunity to earn your vote for Henderson City …

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Industries that are Thriving in Henderson, NV

After the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, many industries have had to restructure. The impact of the pandemic is still being seen today, even …

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How Service Has Shaped Me for Henderson City Council Leadership

A candidate’s community contributions are indicative of the leader they will become. Since I stepped foot into the valley, I have committed to building a …


2022 Election Endorsements Can Help You Choose a City Council Candidate

As a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I recognize the value of 2022 election endorsements. I am honored by the support given from …


What Does a City Council Member Do

Henderson is growing, which is why voting for effective city council members is crucial. With elections around the corner, now is a good time to …