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Henderson Economy

Exploring Award-Winning City of Henderson’s Proven Record of Success | Trish Nash Speaks

Let’s face it: Henderson is a fantastic city in which to live. The economy is booming, and we’re a popular destination for visitors as one …

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Workforce Shortages

Why Local Workforce Shortages Continue to Be a Work in Progress | Trish Nash Speaks

As the country battles the effects COVID-19 has left on the economy, leaders continue to be mystified by the resulting labor shortages. It’s become clear …

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Public Safety

Henderson Traffic | Trish Nash Speaks

Southern Nevada is a popular area drawing millions of tourists and visitors every year. That equates to a lot of traffic both in and around …

Economic Development & Diversity

Booming Success and Economic Development in Henderson | Trish Nash Speaks

Henderson continues to thrive, and sustaining our growth requires attracting a diverse range of businesses. Our city was voted among the best places to live …