Diversity and Inclusion Resources are Vital to Henderson - Elect Trish Nash

Diversity and Inclusion Resources are Vital to Henderson


The diversity in Henderson, NV, has led to the inclusion of diverse resources for various groups and individuals. It is my priority to continue developing these resources. Learn about our diversity and inclusion resources and why Henderson City Council Ward 3 candidate Trish Nash wants to grow these resources for our future.

The Most Diverse Place to Live

According to Niche.com, Henderson is among the most Diverse Places to Live in Nevada. We also have a diversity score of 97 from bestneighborhood.org. This is far more diverse than other cities in the United States. Our diversity shapes the culture we build and the community we create. 

Resources for Culture and Diversity

Henderson has several community resources designed for specific local needs found on CityOfHenderson.com. This comprehensive and ever-growing directory helps people get in touch with any needed resources.

The directory has such essential resources as Aging and Disability, Aid for AIDS Nevada, the Center for Behavioral Health, the Disability Help Center, Operation HOPE, Veterans’ Services, the Henderson Equality Center, etc. The alphabetical organization makes it easy to find what you need, and more services get added regularly. Whatever you need, Henderson seeks to put it right at your fingertips.

The City of Henderson also has a designated diversity liaison who ensures that the city government hears underserved minorities. This position gives minorities a voice within the government.

Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s LaunchPad

Welcoming diverse businesses in Henderson is a massive priority for locals. Because of this, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce initiated the Launchpad. The Launchpad is designed to help build and support new businesses. Chamber sponsors provide free rental for a number of minority-owned, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses to help them “Launch.” Growing local business owners help strengthen the economy and add to the diverse culture of Henderson. 

Cultural and Diversity Events

The City of Henderson values all residents’ contributions and believes in equitable treatment and inclusion of all citizens. Alongside community resources and business opportunities, it is important to hold events celebrating diversity. Events large and small help celebrate the cultural diversity of our community. View all of Henderson’s events here. 

Trish Nash Supports Diversity

While we have much to celebrate, improvements can be made to further develop a future of equal representation in our city. Follow my campaign for Henderson City Council Ward 3 to learn how I plan to foster a community rich with diversity and inclusion resources. Learn more at Vote4TrishNash.com.

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