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Get Early Voting Information Here

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It’s nearly primary election time, and as a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I wish to give our community every opportunity to make a difference this election season. Anyone in Henderson can vote for the ward candidates, no matter where they live. Don’t lose your chance to cast your vote. Learn when early voting begins, where you can vote and drop off your mail ballots, and how you can make a difference during early voting. 

Registering to Vote

For Henderson, Nevada, residents wishing to vote early for the primary, May 17th of this year marks the close of Mail-In and In-Person Standard Registration.  From May 18-31, marks online-only extended standard registration and updates. Anyone wishing to vote after this date can still register online up until the same day as the election. Visit for the latest updates.

All you need to register to vote in the Henderson City Council elections 2022 is a valid Nevada driver’s license or photo ID card. You must be a U.S. citizen at least 18 years of age by Election Day, be a Clark County resident for 30 consecutive days, and be a resident of your precinct for 10 days. 

You can register in person at the Office of the City Clerk, the Clark County Election Department, a DMV office, or a State Welfare or WIC office. You can also register by mail using the Nevada Voter Registration Application.

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Early Voting Information 

Early voting in Henderson, Nevada, begins May 28th and ends June 10th. Early voting was put in place in 2000, allowing many neighborhood early voting sites to give voters a chance to cast their ballot at a place and time that’s convenient for them. Any registered voter in Clark County can vote early at any early voting site.

The specific hours and days for early voting vary by site. When you arrive at the site, you will verify your eligibility and signature via computer. Your voting record will be updated when you vote, which certifies each voter will only vote once every election. Early voting sites will use English, Spanish, and Tagalog touch-screen voting machines.

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Polling Locations

As early election dates approach, many locations will open for early voters. However, there are several long-term polling locations for anyone making their voting plans. You can also contact the Clark County Election Department at 702-455-VOTE (8683) or pick up a schedule anywhere a voter registration application is available, i.e., post offices, libraries, the DMV, and other such sites.

The Registrar of Voters will publish the schedule the week before the early voting period begins and will update it at least once per week during the early voting period. Short-term sites are smaller neighborhood sites like libraries and community centers. 

Henderson City Hall is a confirmed early voting site for Henderson City Council Ward 3 elections this year.

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Important points about this year’s primary election: 

  1. Anyone in Henderson can vote for the ward candidates, that means you can vote for me even if you are not in Ward 3! 
  2. Did you know that a candidate who receives 50% of the votes plus 1  during this primary ensures their seat?

Election Day is June 14th, 2022 and voting centers will be open 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. There are several voting locations across Henderson and Las Vegas to either fill in your ballot or drop off your mail ballot.

I encourage all Henderson voters to participate in the primary voting whether you vote early, by mail, or in-person on election day, June 14th. Help me secure a seat as Henderson City Councilwoman in Ward 3 this election season. Learn how to support my campaign by visiting

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