Giving Veterans a Strong Voice in Henderson - Elect Trish Nash

Giving Veterans a Strong Voice in Henderson

I feel it is our responsibility to support our community’s veterans. Women and men who wear the uniform deserve every opportunity to enjoy their lives for the military service they have given. Learn what opportunities veterans can take advantage of in Henderson, Nevada and why I want to cultivate a community that aids these men and women.

Paying Tribute to Our Veterans

We can honor our veterans in many ways. Henderson houses both the Veteran’s Memorial Wall and the Purple Heart Plaza in dedication to the sacrifices made by those who served. The Veterans Memorial Wall has over 1,850 names inscribed on it. Those who want to be considered or have someone considered for placement on the Henderson Veterans Memorial Wall can contact the City of Henderson. 

At the Purple Heart Plaza, the city offers a place to relax and reflect with game tables, immaculately landscaped natural features, and shaded seating. It’s the home of the nationally recognized Purple Heart Monument and features donor bricks that honor lost family members who served in the military.

Vets in Henderson

Resources for Vets in Henderson

Henderson connects veterans to several essential services. The Henderson Vet Center offers confidential help and counseling to veterans in need. Our service men and women find camaraderie, community, and connection with others who have suffered as they have.

Counseling services include couples and family counseling, grief counseling, transition counseling, and mental health services. The City of Henderson strives to foster healing for a wide range of needs, including depression, mood swings, PTSD, and MST. 

Further, the Nevada Department of Veterans Services offers housing assistance for vets who have special needs or are facing eviction. 

Giving Veterans a Strong Voice

Struggling veterans can explore these opportunities to help them foster healing and health. If veterans seek a community, they can look to the events and groups organized by the City of Henderson. 

To celebrate the women and men who wear the uniform, visit the Veteran’s Memorial Wall, volunteer, or let a veteran in your like know they have access to resources. I am passionate about educating our community on the several possibilities open to veterans. Because my father served in World War II, I understand it is essential to give the troops who served us a voice. This is one of the many reasons why I am running for Henderson City Council Ward 3. Join me in fostering a community to honor our veterans. Visit to get involved!

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