Henderson Stays Safe When We Stand Firm With Our Police - Elect Trish Nash

Henderson Stays Safe When We Stand Firm With Our Police

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Is Henderson, NV, safe? The answer is yes. Our home is a very safe place to live, work, and visit because of the excellent work of our emergency service responders. We must stand by the people who protect us. By supporting our first responders, we continue to be one of the safest cities in the United States. Learn about the Henderson, Nevada Police Department, Fire Department, and emergency medical services, and why it’s so important they receive our continued support.


Henderson Safety Statistics

A 2021 Community Survey showed that 94% of Henderson residents believe this is a great place to raise a family, and 97% of residents have a positive overall perception of the city and its safety. These high satisfaction ratings have been consistent and are almost identical to those from a survey conducted three years earlier, despite the challenges we have faced from the pandemic and the economy over the past few years.

Residents of Henderson believe in the safety of our town because of the security local servicemen and women provide. Henderson, Nevada ranked as the second-safest large city in the United States by Advisor Smith. This study was conducted using FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program data. We received this honorable ranking because of the hardworking service members who protect us. 


Henderson Police Department

The Henderson Police Department has many initiatives to keep us safe. These include community programs to increase local engagement and a Citizens Academy that teaches locals how to get involved and watch out for each other. Our Police Department exemplifies the values of honor, professionalism, and dedication and has a mission of excellence in safety and service. It’s among the most advanced in the country and has national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).  


Henderson Fire Department

Living in such a hot and dry climate puts our community at a higher risk of fire and other natural disasters. A great deal of hard work goes into protecting the city. Our Fire Department is constantly active in fire and rescue operations as well as hazardous materials response services. Their fire training center, which is working on the next generation of first responders, is dedicated to thorough development and training. This program shows their commitment to our future safety.


Henderson EMS

Emergency medical services are available 24 hours a day. First responders are equipped with advanced ambulance units staffed by paramedics, airway interventions, state-of-the-art cardiac life support technology, life support medication, and more. Our emergency medical services received accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services (CAAS) and accepted recognition as a Gold Plus EMS Agency by the American Heart Association.

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Trish Nash Supports Our First Responders

The Henderson, Nevada servicemen and women work toward one goal: protecting our lives. Whether responding to a fire, accident, or rare crime, first responders always prepare to do the hero’s work.

The tireless commitment of first responders keeps us safe day and night. As a thankful citizen who sees the incredible work of these emergency services, I stand by and support our Henderson Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services. Contact Vote4TrishNash to learn more.

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