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How Service Has Shaped Me for Henderson City Council Leadership

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A candidate’s community contributions are indicative of the leader they will become. Since I stepped foot into the valley, I have committed to building a bigger and brighter future for this place we call home. As a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I would like to share some of the opportunities I have had to help build up Henderson.

Why Involvement Matters

Involvement on local boards and committees is not only proof of dedication, but evidence of practice in decision-making, building trust, and bringing people together. A record of participation and service allows voters to see how a leader can provide a positive impact. Community involvement is critical for effective leadership. 

Henderson Chamber of Commerce

Chairman of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce

I became a member of the HCC (Henderson Chamber of Commerce) in 2004. Throughout my membership, it became clear that business advocacy is key to economic development. Volunteering for many years led to my appointment as Chairman of the HCC. I continue to support local entrepreneurs and encourage connectivity among businesses. We build a stronger future when we build up Henderson’s business.

City of Henderson's Advisory Councils

City of Henderson’s Advisory Councils

Locals can apply to serve in various positions with The City of Henderson, NV. These citizens provide input and recommendations on multiple programs and issues. The express intent of these committees and positions is to shape the future of Henderson. In the past, I have served as Vice Chair of the City of Henderson Comprehensive Plan Implementation Advisory Committee and on the City of Henderson’s Citizens Advisory Council. 

Board Member of the National Association of Women Business Owners

Did you know that NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) represents the fastest-growing segment of the economy? As a board member, I served a united group of empowered women who make enormous impacts on economic development. My duty was to promote powerful women and diversity in business ownership.

Board Chair for Living Grace Homes

Board Chair for Living Grace Homes 

Living Grace Homes provides housing and opportunities for young, pregnant, and homeless women between 14-24. As Board Chair, I represented and supported this impactful non-profit and helped to carry out its essential work. 

Serving at St. Francis of Assisi

Working with St. Francis of Assisi as their Financial Council and as Founding President of the Women’s Guild has been my pleasure and is very close to my heart. I organized support to strengthen and serve the members.

Henderson City Council Ward 3

These volunteer service positions represent more than just a list – they detail my journey to becoming a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3. I am proud to be a Henderson local. Engagement in these communities has fortified my dedication to service and a brighter future for our city.

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