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Industries that are Thriving in Henderson, NV

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After the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, many industries have had to restructure. The impact of the pandemic is still being seen today, even by locals looking to start or change careers in Henderson, NV. I support development and redevelopment in our community to combat unemployment and increase our community’s quality of life. Here are 3 of Henderson’s fastest-growing industries where locals can find promising careers.

Jobs in Engineering and Manufacturing

Jobs in Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and manufacturing companies are moving to Henderson and have brought opportunities with them. Haas Automation is one example; companies like Haas serve a critical role in machine building and production within the US. With the rise in overall demand, engineering and manufacturing jobs in Henderson offer stability to workers.

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Jobs in Technology

Growth in tech careers predates the pandemic here in the valley. There are diverse technology companies, both new and established, that offer various types of tech jobs. With the arrival of careers in computer systems design and data processing, Henderson has seen notable growth in high-paying occupations. The opportunity to move up within a company makes tech an attractive industry.

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Jobs in Healthcare

The patient population continues to increase, which is why Henderson is committed to rapid expansion in the healthcare industry. To meet the needs of locals, facilities are moving to Henderson, and previously established providers are expanding. Locals also have access to the vigorous nursing program at UNLV to make careers in healthcare more accessible. As the industry continues to grow, so will opportunities. 

More Jobs in Henderson

These are just a few of the growing job options in Henderson. The development in engineering, technology, healthcare, and more, has increased livable wages and emphasized the workforce’s quality of life. Continual development will only multiply the positive impact these industries and others have to offer.

Henderson city council candidate ward 3 trish nash

Economic expansion in Henderson is critical. Providing resources to entrepreneurs can strengthen our community, reduce low wages, and increase career development. The city is committed to reducing unemployment and diversifying our economy. As a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I understand the critical role the council plays in economic growth. By supporting businesses, we can achieve a higher quality of life in our community. 

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