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Splitting Clark County: Let’s Discuss Henderson K-12 Education

Splittting Clark County School District

Clark County is home to numerous hard working families and teachers passionate about giving the very best to the youth in the community. There is an initiative to split the Clark County School District. A big change like this warrants careful discussion and thought. Here is what you need to know.

What has Changed?

In the past, many have veered away from splitting the Clark County School District for fear of disproportionate equity. It is crucial all schools and districts receive support and funding. The funding formula in Nevada has changed to follow the students. With this change, splitting the district can work.

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Smaller Schools & Smaller Districts

During a conversation with Mary Beth Scow, we discussed how every city has disadvantaged students that deserve the opportunity for education. Smaller districts can offer more focus and services toward students and develop their potential. Watch the full video with Mary Beth Scow and Councilman Dan Stewart here.

The Structure Doesn’t Support Our Teachers or Our Families

Our county is responsible for 51% of the state’s schools and 65% of the state’s students! This is an incredible amount of responsibility for one district. The over 14,000 teachers in the valley work tirelessly but the structure isn’t working. (Source)

I know many parents are working, some 2-3 jobs, and rely on their district to provide quality education to their children while they provide for the home. Splitting the districts allows for a more concentrated dedication.

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Dan Stewart pointed out in our round table discussion how we have seen tax increases for education and yet nothing has changed. This is NOT due to a lack of commitment from teachers. Our valley is filled with determined professionals who care deeply for our future leaders. 

Say No To Underperforming K-12 Education

We must break the cycle causing inadequate results and institute changes for success. The current education system is not equipped to support students, teachers, or parents. It is time to take action against the outdated structure in place. Young people are our future leaders which is why this change matters so much.

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce, Vegas Chamber, Latin Chamber of Commerce, and many authorities in the community have talked at length about this question. We understand schools need a more responsive system that will serve them. After much discussion, I support splitting the district for the future of our youth. As a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I know it’s time to have a real conversation about what is best for Henderson parents and students. 

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