Local Senior Citizen Support Services in a Post-COVID Economy | Trish Nash Speaks - Elect Trish Nash

Local Senior Citizen Support Services in a Post-COVID Economy | Trish Nash Speaks


Senior citizens are our most valuable asset and we must ensure that they are well cared for. Henderson does an excellent job of aiding the elderly with senior citizen support services, but there is always room for improvement. Let’s review our city’s resources post-COVID and learn what we can build upon for the better. 


Citizen Support Services: Assistance for the Aging

Henderson has a wealth of resources to aid the elderly. The City of Henderson’s website provides information, advice, and recommendations to outside service agencies. The City also has a specific meal program for our older citizens that improves their health and well-being.

Our city is classified as an AARP Age-Friendly City due to these efforts and Nevada’s 2-1-1 contact center.

Learn more about Henderson and why it is an award-winning city here




Homelessness is a significant problem. It can happen to anyone-especially veterans, our elderly and those living on a fixed income. Las Vegas has addressed this problem with many homeless services like the C.A.R.E. Complex, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada, Family Promise of Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, and others. These programs aim to get people off the streets by providing food, housing, and care. Henderson has much work to do in this area.  


Financial Support

Living on a fixed income is a challenge for many people. Financial assistance for elders is available through job programs, affordable housing programs, social services, and unemployment programs, all of which can be very helpful to seniors who are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, many seniors are still unaware of the available resources which is why we must do our part in informing and guiding others. 


Health Care


Health care is a major issue for just about every age demographic. Henderson’s prescription drug plans and Medicare health insurance are vital to seniors with special needs on a fixed budget. However, as many seniors know, your Medicare plan may not always be enough. That is why our city is committed to supplying our seniors with the knowledge they need to get extra coverage. Many times it’s as easy as simply filling out an application. 


Disability Access


Many seniors don’t have the mobility they once did. Henderson is committed to being a disability-friendly city and offers accessible housing, businesses, and even assistive technology through organizations like Easter Seals of Southern Nevada.


Commodity Supplemental Food Program

The Commodity Supplemental Food Program, or CSFP, is a federally funded program dedicated to helping seniors access delicious, healthy food. CSFP packages include all of the essentials and are of high quality. All a senior needs to do is apply.


Seniors Are Our Most Valuable Resource

Despite our city’s success, there is always the potential for improvement. Watch my interview with Dan Roberts on Vegas Voice TV and learn how my record of community involvement demonstrates the dedication and skills required to get our elderly the assistance they require.




As a fellow resident and local businesswoman, you can trust that I have your best interests in mind. Explore my platform for Henderson City Council Ward 3 and contact Vote4TrishNash to learn how I propose to help our residents.


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