Nevada Sports Teams Bring Big Changes to Henderson | Trish Nash Speaks - Elect Trish Nash

Nevada Sports Teams Bring Big Changes to Henderson | Trish Nash Speaks

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Sports in Las Vegas are vastly different from what they were ten years ago. We now have a diverse selection of major and minor leagues to enjoy. No longer are we just a sport betting city — we’re a city making history. Discover the latest sports news in Henderson and why we should continue to support its growth for our local economy. 


Nevada Sports Teams: Changing Henderson for the Better

It’s no secret that Nevada has traditionally been a betting state. It took a long time for Vegas and Henderson to establish themselves as legitimate sports destinations. We defied the conventional standard that a major city needs a professional sports franchise for decades. We now have a number of them, each with a slew of minor league franchises to back them up.

Sport fandoms are great for communities. They bring people together and give our city something to root for collectively. It’s also, of course, great for the economy, and our new sports franchises are already beloved by the locals.

Learn about the booming success and economic development in Henderson here


New Teams

The Vegas Golden Knights are only a few seasons old but have already established a name for themselves. In the first year of being here, their qualification for the playoffs instilled a strong fanbase and attitude for city pride. We’ve since added the Las Vegas Raiders to our roster, a franchise with a lengthy and illustrious NFL history. These new teams are catapulting Henderson’s sports fandom to new heights.

Don’t forget about the Henderson Silver Knights, a Golden Knights affiliate, and our minor league hockey team. At a Silver Knights game, you’ll be able to observe the next generation of Golden Knight stars develop their skills in preparation for their potential big league debut.

If basketball is more your style, the Las Vegas Aces are a must-see. In 2017, this WNBA basketball team relocated to Las Vegas. Since then, these stars have wowed us with their incredible talent. Of course, we can’t end our list without including baseball, America’s favorite pastime! The Las Vegas Aviators are a home run in terms of family entertainment. Visit the Las Vegas Ballpark in Downtown Summerlin to see this minor league squad.


 New Venues

Henderson is proud to be the home of the Dollar Loan Center Arena! This facility is currently under construction and will host the Henderson Silver Knights and our Indoor Football League team, the Vegas Knight Hawks. This gorgeous arena is just the capper on the rising sports culture here in town. Until its opening, the Silver Knights will continue to practice at the Lifeguard Arena in the historic Water Street District.  


Major Sporting Events: The Super Bowl and More

Did you know that Las Vegas is slated to host the Super Bowl in 2024? It gets even better! Not only are we organizing the Super Bowl, but the NFL Pro Bowl and Draft in 2022. That’s sure to serve a significant boost to our local economy.

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In addition to these major football announcements, the Dollar Loan Center will host the NCAA Big West Championships in 2022. Over five days, 18 games will be contested, with the best players in NCAA basketball vying for the title.


Growing the Henderson Economy and Culture

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Sports create remarkable opportunities for our local economy. They also inspire commonality and community. This paves way for a future in which our city’s status can grow and thrive. As an avid supporter and fan of our local sports teams, I’m ready to help them thrive for the good of my city. To learn more, contact Vote4TrishNash.

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