Platform - Elect Trish Nash



We must support our schools, teachers, and students if we are serious about giving our kids the best education. That means supporting reforms that create opportunity for all parents and students. Parents also play a critical role in a child’s life and we must ensure they are empowered to make the best choices for their children.

Economic Development & Diversity

As Henderson grows, we must continue to attract a diverse range of businesses and development to support our growing population seeking to raise their families in safe and secure neighborhoods. Henderson was voted one of the best places to live in Nevada, and I will fight every day to ensure that it stays that way for our families.

Public Safety

We owe an immeasurable amount of gratitude to our public safety professionals on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic. Henderson is one of the safest cities in Nevada and it is important we give our public safety personnel the tools they need to keep our families safe. I will always work with our local and state law enforcement to keep our neighborhoods safe for Nevada families.

Fiscal Responsibility

COVID has put a huge strain on our local economy. It is critical as a city that we have a balanced budget so we can invest in our neighborhoods in key areas such as public safety and maintenance. We must continue to be committed to fiscal responsibility without additional financial burdens to our community. It is imperative that we do this by keeping our taxes low - currently the lowest in Clark County.


I am committed to keeping Nevada the most veteran and military friendly state in the country. I am proud of my dad for his service during the World War II. I will continue to ensure that our veterans have the representation and voice they have so proudly earned.