Testimonials - Elect Trish Nash


Judge Mark Stevens

As a retired Henderson Municipal Court Judge, a former active duty United States Marine Corp Captain, and a founder and presiding judge over Veterans Treatment Court for the last 11 years. I understand what difficulties Veterans have in assimilating back into civilian society. Trish Nash is a daughter of a veteran. She’s a proven advocate for Veterans. Her work with the Henderson Veterans Treatment Court has been essential in making it the overwhelming success that it is today. I can’t thank her enough for all her efforts. Trish Nash is dedicated to making sure that Nevada remains the most military and veteran-friendly state in the country and that is why I support Trish Nash.

Bruce Woodbury

Trish Nash has a proven record as a zealous defender of fiscal responsibility. She stands for transparency, accountability, and lower taxes for our people. We need established leaders, like Trish Nash, who has a record of bringing people together and getting results. I urge you to join in voting for Trish Nash. She’s the right person to bring us together and make the city fiscally viable.

Early voting starts in mid October, general election in early November. Let’s get out there and support Trish Nash. We need her on the City Council.

John McGinty

Hi, my name is John McGinty. I’ve been a local businessman in the city of Henderson for almost 40 years. Times have been trying with inflation and other things going on in this country. That’s why I am endorsing Trish Nash for the Henderson City Council. She’s a proven business woman and a great community leader and a friend of mine for many, many years. So this November, please everyone get out and vote for Trish Nash for the Henderson City Council. She’ll be a great addition. Thank you.

Shaundell Newsome

As a Henderson resident, I believe that safety is the best thing for my family; and I know that Henderson is one of the safest cities in the world. Serving on the Henderson Police Department Chief Advisory Board is one of the best things that I can do and I know that TrishNash is a great supporter of police and fire and safety in our neighborhoods. In our many conversations at the coffee shop, she expressed her love and passion for our community. But more importantly, she wants us to be safe as we walk, and jog, and walk our dogs in our neighborhoods. Her passion and love for Henderson is truly evident and she’s there for all citizens of Henderson. That’s why we love her. Please join me in voting for Trish Nash for Henderson City Council.

Michael Johnston

I’m Michael Johnston, and I’m a retired captain for the Henderson Police Department and I know first hand how important it is to give our first responders all the tools and resources they need to be

successful in their job. I know Trish Nash and she’s committed to giving those tools and resources to our public safety professionals so that they can keep our community safe. She’s been a great leader in our community and she’s been a great community partner. Now, I believe she’s going to make a great leader for the city of Henderson and I know I’m going to vote for her – and I think you should, too.


Michelle Romero

I support Trish Nash for several reasons. She’s the immediate past president of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce and has been active in that organization for 20 years. She’s also very civic-minded. She has headed several nonprofits and is very involved in making sure that all members of our community are taken care of. Trish is also a real estate broker and owns her own very successful business. She knows what it takes to make land use and zoning decisions because for extensive real estate background. Trish is the candidate with the most experience and knowledge to help take our city to the next level. Please join me in checking the box for Trish Nash for City Council Ward 3.

Dan Stewart

I for one, as a city councilman, know that we’re in a very critical position as a city and I totally endorse and support Trish. We need her experience on the city council to tackle the very many problems, critical problems that we have; but at the same time, be able to keep the economic engine moving forward. I truly believe Trish will do that with her background with her experience. So, vote for Trish.

Mary Beth Scow

Trish Nash is an advocate for families and students. She has a care in her heart for education and I think with her business acumen she can do a great deal to help our safety and quality of life in Henderson. I encourage you to vote for Trish Nash – mark your ballot and send it in.