Vote For Your Rights - Vote 4 Trish Nash - Elect Trish Nash

Vote For Your Rights – Vote 4 Trish Nash

I love my city and have been deeply involved in our community since I first set foot in Nevada. I’m asking for the opportunity to earn your vote for Henderson City Council. I take the role of city councilwoman seriously and encourage citizens to explore my candidacy for Henderson City Council Ward 3 by visiting

Explore How You and I Can Support this Community


What Does a City Council Member Do

Henderson is growing, which is why voting for effective city council members is crucial. With elections around the corner, now is a good time to remind ourselves what the role of a city council member is and why it matters. Learn what a city councilwoman does and what makes for a qualified candidate…” read more.

Educators and students in Henderson, NV

A Henderson Local’s Guide to Supporting Your School

“Educators and students in Henderson, NV, have endured many hard times over the past few years. They made heroic efforts to deal with the pandemic in ways no one was prepared to face. The switch from online learning to going back to school was a considerable struggle and recent events have teachers understandably alarmed. Learn how to support your school and the teachers working hard to educate our children…” read more.

candidate henderson city council ward-3

How Service Has Shaped Me for Henderson City Council Leadership

“A candidate’s community contributions are indicative of the leader they will become. Since I stepped foot into the valley, I have committed to building a bigger and brighter future for this place we call home. As a candidate for Henderson City Council Ward 3, I would like to share some of the opportunities I have had to help build up Henderson…” read more.

Henderson: A Place to Call Home

Henderson: A Place to Call Home

“Henderson has been my home for more than 20 years – it’s a place to build a future. We have seen many exciting new developments in our beautiful city.  I want to continue to help our city thrive, which is why I am running for Henderson City Council Ward 3…” read more.

I understand our community’s rights to sustainability, healthy economic growth, public safety, and so much more. That’s why I’m running for Henderson City Council Ward 3. Explore my candidacy at

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