Water Conservation in Henderson, NV - Elect Trish Nash

Water Conservation in Henderson, NV

Water Conservation in Henderson, NV

Have you ever wondered how Las Vegas can exist in the middle of the desert? The answer is conservation. As citizens of Henderson and Nevada, we must stay informed and educated about water conservation for our future. Learn what is affecting our water sources, who the Southern Nevada Water Authority is, and why your Henderson City Council Ward 3 candidate should prioritize water conservation for the future of our community.

A History of Securing Water

Since the lowering of the water table in 1920, Nevada has always needed to find water sources. In August 2021, the federal government issued a water shortage declaration on the Colorado River. While scary, many had already taken action for water and implemented a plan. Because of conservation efforts, we have only used 242,000 acre-feet of water versus the 279,000 allotted. The future looks bright for Nevada if we continue to make conservation efforts.

What is affecting our water sources?

As the population increases, so does water demand. Accounting for population fluctuation is critical. Another effect on water supply is climate change; Colorado River flow has decreased by about 20% since 2000. Accompanied by aridification, which affects water flow, there are many things to consider when planning a future without drought for Southern Nevada.

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The Effort for Water Conservation

The Southern Nevada Water Authority, or SNWA, saw the impending issue and began to develop conservation and preventative efforts at its inception in 1991. Because of the efforts made by SNWA and others, our city, among the rest of Southern Nevada, will have water resources in the future.

The SNWA manages water resources now and in the future so that it meets or exceeds state and federal standards. Conservation plays a critical role in water resource planning and management efforts. Because of the stress on the Colorado River over the years, SNWA strives to establish other resources for Nevada.

Effort for Water Conservation

Additionally, the water usage continues to lower as citizens plan water conserving landscapes. With new laws in place and education efforts for our community, Henderson can continue to reduce and conserve water for our future.

Education and Cooperation Are The Key – Not Scare Tactics

The representatives of our community must prioritize water conservation – but not use scare tactics to do so. Walking the talk and facing the issue with a positive approach is the answer. Water is indeed a precious comedy, but there is a solid plan in place and it is working as expected. By encouraging residents to continue to use less than our allotment for water, we will continue to meet the needs of the people who live here and those of future residents. If you are like me, this is important because you want a future for yourself and your family. We secure Henderson’s future by conserving today. Here are some ways you can help:

We must continue educating ourselves on conservation and play an active role in securing our future water access. Choose a Henderson City Council Ward 3 candidate who cares about Henderson’s future. Go to Vote4TrishNash.com to learn more. 

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