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Water Street Redevelopment Works!

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With the redevelopment of Water Street, Henderson has seen fantastic success and the growth of businesses. The effort took a lot of hard work and dedication, but that work pays off every day. I proudly support Water Street’s redevelopment, knowing it is only a taste of where we can go in the future.

Water Street Henderson Restaurants

Water Street District restaurants offer residents outstanding food options while enjoying a day or night out. Locals shop, dine, admire the new Lifeguard Arena, and attend the Farmer’s market. It’s a spot to discover diverse activities inside the community. 

A few family-friendly destinations include Chef Flemming’s Bakeshop, Public Works Coffee Bar, Water Street Pizzeria, the Purple Penguin Snowcone Shack, and the Water Street Plaza & Amphitheater. Take time to see the beautiful Purple Heart Plaza built in honor of veterans in Henderson, NV. Locals also enjoy the Walking Tour historical story-telling found along Water Street.

Sprinkled in with the food, Walking Tour, and mural art, take time to visit Elayne LaPorta Fine Arts. LaPortia is a local Henderson artist. Her gallery features masterworks centered around unique American folk concepts. Family, Americana, and dramatic biblical narrative name a few of the many subjects she has painted.

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After work, uncover a multitude of microbreweries and local bars. Mojave Brewing Company, Lovelady Brewing Company, Biscuits and Bourbon, Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina, Sticks Tavern, Hardway 8, Gold Mine Tavern, and others line the street and offer an entertaining evening.

If you want to enjoy a classic Vegas pastime, find some of the spectacular casinos on Water Street: Emerald Island Casino, Rainbow Club Casino, and the Pass Casino entertain locals with all they have to offer, including delicious food and events.

Growth Through Challenging Times

Water Street was not immune to challenges faced during and after the height of the pandemic. Despite the struggles, Water Street pulled through. The new Lifeguard Arena fueled continued growth, bringing in many businesses to support the new venue and take advantage of the influx of visitors.


Through the development of Water Street, Henderson demonstrates its tenacity. The continuous growth of Water Street shows the commitment to building community. Henderson shows how fantastic, caring, and committed we are – from supporting local restaurants to attending events and parades.

Henderson on a Small Scale

The character of our town runs deep – in the history, the businesses, and the people. Water Street, like the whole of Henderson, has the go-big spirit of a major city with the welcoming attitude of a small town. Water Street, Henderson, NV, is just getting started. 

I admire the development of businesses and the local spirit on Water Street. As Henderson grows, so must our support for safe and diverse community projects. Want to join me in building a brighter future for Henderson? Visit Vote4TrishNash.com to get involved!

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